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Founded in 2012 by Mark A. White,
Correcting One's Destiny is a non-profit
organization based in Macomb County Michigan.


Correcting One's Destiny (C.O.D.) is an organization that targets young men who have been abandoned by their fathers and society; we attempt to amplify the importance of education, focus and discipline. Our mentoring program and prison after care program work in total opposition of each other, our mentoring agenda is to prevent incarceration. Our prison after care agenda is to aid and assist the individual who is truly looking for a fresh start, one that increases their probability of success, through a selective process that the applicant must go through, once selected (C.O.D.) requires a contractual agreement between the returning citizen, the Church and State of Michigan. Our program is also an alternative to incarceration for non-violent offenders.

The mentoring aspect of our program best serves the community because we start with teenagers at the junior high school level. This helps to prevent our participants from acting out upon arriving at high school because of fear or anxiety which is often present when facing a intimidating new environment. It allows the transition from junior high school to high school to be much easier. Our core values consist of several different aspects into manhood 1) Self-awareness 2) Accountability 3) Respect 4) Commitment 5) Discipline

6) Communication 7) Anger Management 8) Dealing with Envy


Our mission is to encourage more healthy thinking and encourage them to speak positive about themselves as well as others until it becomes natural. We also would like to educate them about their financial planning while they are young, so that they can began to break the curse of poverty off of their lives that has been ruining their families for generations. Our vision is that they will learn how to use all of the information and resources given to them while participating in (C.O.D.) youth division, so that they won't have to use (C.O.D.) adult aftercare program set up and designed to help returning citizens get back on their feet when released from prison or as an alternative to prison. This will be a (1) year contractual agreement between the adopting church, the state of Michigan and the returning citizen, it is a mandatory (1) year program.

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